Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Composting at Woodpecker Hollow

Today we started our first batch of composting. We started out with a large black plastic tub. After raking up around the fire pit I put about five inches of the twigs, sawdust (from cutting logs), decomposed leaves from last fall, fine dirt and the likes.

Fire Pit

Then I added a portion of leftover food wasting like eggshells, apple peels, carrots, lettuce, potato peels, and such.

Composting food scraps

Then I added another few inches of the aforementioned raking debris.

Composting raking debris

To top it off, and add the magic ingredient, April went worm hunting and added to the brew six young worms, and the decomposed dirt and leaves they were living in – we want them to feel at home after all.

Composting Worms

Then we topper it off with a construction grade black garbage bag and set it where the sunlight would get to it and activate the natural decomposition process.

Composting cover

More to come later when we see how this first attempt works out.