Saturday, January 17, 2004

Eureka! The Property Is Ours

As of the afternoon of January 5th, 2004 the land is ours! Mom came up north with me while I did the paperwork so she could get her first look at the property. Hopefully soon, we will have a cabin so we can all come up and enjoy it together.

On January 17th, Dad and I came back up and made our first improvements to the campsite. We cut down some extra trees that were blocking the view of the driveway a bit and it allowed us to first open up the main camp area and second create a store of cut wood for the firepit. See the picture at the left.

We also created the first firepit on the property. One rule we are going to enforce is that no fires occur on the porperty without some sort of encloure. The timber is often very dry in this area and a fire would be enormously disastrous. However, a little simple forethought and common sense will allow us to be safe while still having a great time.

Additionally, we got a chance to get down to the river for a nice shot of that on a clear blue Minnesota January morning (see picture at the right). It really is so very peaceful here. I'm so glad we chose this spot.