Friday, March 30, 2012

Looking forward to the weekend......

Hopefully, this will be the weekend the guys install the solar panels on the cabin. So far the weather forecast looks fairly promising. Another of our projects involves "cleaning up" scraps of this and that, tossed aside from previous projects. Possibly this may be something that April and I can start working on. 

We are also planning to clear a real nice area not far from the cabin that will be dedicated to our loyal, loving four-legged friends. I recently lost my beautiful Sheltie companion of fourteen years - Sheila Nicole. She loved going up to camp with the family,even though, unlike Marley, she preferred the cabin to the woods and water holes. She will be the first of our beloved pets to rest forever near "the cabin at Woodpecker Hollow."

Blogging About Camp From Camp

This is so cool. I am writing and posting this blog about the Woodpecker Hollow camp from the camp. We now have Electricity throughout the cabin (soon to be powered by solar), as well as a wireless access point to connect to the Internet way out here In the woods.

So  Cool!


Monday, March 26, 2012

And the work continues..........

Harvey, John, David, April and I spent the weekend up north working on the cabin. Saturday the guys wired the cabin in preparation for solar power. Not fully understanding how it works, the only way I know how to describe it is that we now have “electric” by way of a car type battery through the use of an inverter. Is this correct guys? Ok, stop your laughing……I did my best to explain it.  I am completely in awe of what the guys did! After getting it set up, we went out to “celebrate” another project done on our cabin………and an awesome project it was to say the least. When we returned back at the cabin we turned on the inside overhead light with the use of a remote, as we drove up to the cabin. It was the most weirdest, wonderful thing in the whole world……….to see a light come on inside the cabin that has only been lit by  propane ..…….and that was turned on by remote control yet!!!
Today the guys finished installing the insulation up in the loft and covered it with plastic. So except for a couple small areas downstairs where they had to remove a small portion of insulation to install the breaker box and the wall receptacles, the insulation work is finished, yay!!! We are now getting excited over the possibility of covering the walls and ceiling with finished plywood or nice paneling that we can live with, is suitable for our home away from home, yet hopefully is fairly inexpensive.

April and I did our best to help out by sweeping, washing some stuff, straightening things out and getting rid of junk, handing things to the guys, carry stuff and trying our best to help where needed.

The solar panels have been ordered and should be in some time this coming week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the guys will be able to install them next weekend. I couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate my 70th birthday.

Mo Vorp