Saturday, October 02, 2004

One Year Anniversary

What a difference a year makes! See how beautiful it is here.

Last year at this time, the land looked brown and deadfall was everywhere. We were just recovering from one of the longest dry spells we had had in recent memory and it showed.

This year, we had an over-abundance of moisture -- to the extent that the driveway was impassible most of the year! Also, the warmer weather stood longer this year from last.

We took the time to revisit the bluff down at the end of our driveway about a half-mile back that overlooks a bend in the river which has an 18 inch drop over stony rapids. There is a cute little island in the middle of the bend and a couple of caves undercutting the banks along the river. We were buzzed by several Eagles nesting and feeding in the area, thus prompting us to name it Eagle Bluff. It really is quite gorgeous around here!