Monday, May 07, 2012

Interior Walls

May has arrived and so have we with over 30 sheets of drywall, mud, tape screws, sanding blocks and other sundry tools and materials.  Operation "Inner Walls" has begun.  Weather was against us, but fortunately we thought to bring an enormous tarp with us so we could keep the contents of our cabin -- which we had moved out to the picnic tables -- protected while we worked indoors.

John got right into supervisor mode and Dave and I just threw in as directed.  Pretty soon we had the cabin emptied and contents covered and the truck and trailer unloaded and set up inside the cabin.  We began almost immediately and soon had the entire downstairs sheeted.  Then we moved upstairs and did as much of the loft as we could reach. Finally we put John's homemade scaffold together and finished the vaulted area.  Then cam the mud and sanding. By this time, we had worked for a couple of days straight and were already beginning to feel the effects of our effort. It took us 3 days to finish the mud and sanding stage and finally, paint.  The colors chosen were "Soft Sage" for the ceilings and "Antique White" for the walls.

Cub Cadet 19h 44in deck
Take a gander at the slideshow above to see a brief run-through of our work and then note the pic at right of our beautiful new Cub Cadet 19-horse, 44in deck, lawn tractor.  I have since already mowed the main access-way into our part of the woods and our own driveway, as well as the trail down to the center of the property and look forward to completing the trail grooming later on this summer.