Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally, A Roof!

Well, we pulled a back-to-back pair of weekenders and the roof is on! We had enough 3-tab red shingle to do about 75% of the roof before moving on to other colors and then even other styles, but never-the-less, the roof is finished. We have soffit of a sorts to put in and we need to finish the Gorilla wrap in the peaks. Then, window trim and finally, siding and the exterior will be finished. But those things can wait until next Spring. The most important next task is insulation and interior wallboard.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big Blue Hoody comes off!

As the title suggests, Yippee! The Big Blue Tarp has been removed and we are finally moving forward with shingling the cabin!

Tom brought us a truckload of shingles, felt and nails, not to mention his log-splitter, and John brought his expertise. And while John and I were working on removing the tarp and doing all of the prep-work for shingling, Dad and Tom split our entire pile of logs and re-stacked them. Then they set about chain-sawing and splitting up the Big pine that had fallen over last Spring during a very nasty storm. On Saturday, John and I got the fascia up, the Gorilla Wrap on the cabin and some of the felt down.

In the afternoon, our neighbor Jeff came into camp on his 4-wheeler (Man, we've gotta get one of those!) and so we stood around and jawed for awhile. He's got some really great stories! Anyway, he told us about a spot on the Kettle river, just below us where we might find some pretty decent walleye fishing.

Toward the end of Saturday, Tom's splitter broke and he had to leave to get it fixed. Dad, John and I finished up and made plans for a small hike and fishing trip for the next day. These last pics show a couple of guys really enjoying the day and the beauty and bounty of the great north woods.