Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Hunt Report

Well, the season came and the season went and this year I failed to bag my deer. It didn't help that I was only using a bow to hunt and that I basically saw very little deer this year. We did manage to get a look at and even do some hunting over in the Nemaji State Forest area, but no luck there, either.

Both John and Tom managed to bag deer though and between them we processed 2 bucks and a doe. No too bad a haul. We are averaging roughly 3 deer per year off of our 20 acres, so that's not too bad, I think.

We did build a couple of brand new stands this year and managed to clear all of our major trails so next year will be a lot easier moving around. I'm thinking of trying to do a little fowl seeding to bring up the numbers of grouse and pheasants on the property. We have plenty of squirrels and not a few rabbits, so I'm not too worried about them. The turkeys in the area are basically not being hunted so their numbers are growing significantly. I'm hoping to draw that turkey lottery ticket so I can take a chance on one of these majestic birds.

Anyway, not much more to report. Hopefully, we'll have a better year next year!