Friday, April 05, 2013

Four Men and a Moo

Robinson Park Waterfall
So March went out like a lamb in the frozen north woods even though signs of winter, remained scattered all around in the fields and drifts of the ditches along the roadside. Never-the-less, it was time at last to make a break for the woods! And so John and Dave, Rob and I along with our precious Marley Moo, packed up John's big Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab pickup, late on a Friday night, near the end of March of 2013, and, sunrise not 6 hours away, turned her nose north and hit the road.

After one brief stop for supplies (mmm, doughnuts!), we made our way without a hitch to end of Ed's road facing Pine Hill Trail and the unknown depths of the snow-laden path beyond. Without hesitation, John throws her into 4-wheel low and right on down the road we went. It turns out, we had little to concern ourselves with as the deepest part was a mere 6-inches or so. Then it was quickly build a fire to take the chill off the 23-degree night air and a doughnut and some coffee later we were in our bunks attempting a little sleep before the morning.

Saturday came in rainy and gloomy and looking anything but promising to us. So we decided to feed and water Marley, lock up the cabin so she'd be safe and warm and head into town for breakfast at what is still (Yay!) Amy's. After breakfast we decided to check out Robinson Park and the river level as well as see how things were melting up. The melt-water over the cliffs made for a lovely little waterfall (see photo right) and Rob was particularly delighted as he had never been to the park or the quarry before.

By the time we arrived back at the cabin, the skies had cleared up and the day had warmed significantly. So Dave and John decided to break out the 4-wheelers and pretty soon we were all having a blast turning doughnuts in the snow and making rooster tails (check out our mini movie below). What great fun! Even Marley was getting into it by chasing balls and even swimming in some of the melting pools. We topped the evening off with our first barbecue of the season of Brats and Beans. Mmm, good!

All in all, 'though we had to cut it a little short so we could be back downtown in time for what turned out to be a fantastic Easter dinner at Mom's, it was a fabulous weekend and a great start to our 2013 camping season. Please continue to keep an eye on our blog as we continue to improve our land and post our progress a we go.