Saturday, June 01, 2013

Of Boxes, Tree-zebos and Flaming ATVs

June opened with an interesting weekend which permitted us to finish our Outhouse box in shingle and paint and to build, paint and hang five little bat boxes in hopes of luring the little night critters away from the exposed corners of our cabin and into their own little lairs.

For the outhouse, we chose a barn red to color the outside and keep it in fine fashion with the rest of the structures on our property. The bat boxes were built from kits bought on the internet and each was painted a different color; Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple.

As the month wore on winds and weather caused a tree to blow down across our deck and smash the gazebo right down as if to fold it in half. Shortly after we started clean up of that mess we decided to see if we could start the ATVs for a quick run and in the process of firing up the Polaris, caught it on fire which gave us quite a scare. We actually used a sort of bucket brigade from the creek to get the fire out. This was beginning to feel like a harbinger for the remainder of our year.