Monday, June 27, 2005

Property Site Map

I have decided to do a pictorial history of our experiences at Woodpecker Hollow from the first time we ever laid eyes on it. I will try to post it so that it follows the proper dating of the posts, but failing that will at least create the diary and provide a link to it from here. Also, I am going to open up (as much as the host service will permit) the blog to others so that all who use our land may be able to share and express their experiences here.

The picture inserted here (click on the image to see it full size) is a site map of the property showing the trails and creeks and other features. This map will be updated soon since over the past year and a half, many changes have already occured.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Name

Woodpecker Hollow is the name I have finally decided on for the property up north. For some time now, we have affectionately been refering to the property as "the camp" or "the land" or even simply "up north". However Dad informed me that a proper "camp" has to have a proper name and so, with considerable discussion on the subject and much advice from everyone I have been trying to come up with one.

There are many things prevalent in the woods up north, not the least of which are flickers and woodpeckers. In fact, just south of the property the Audabon society has land set aside for the birds of the northwoods. There are eagles and owls, cardinals and jays, finches and flickers and yes, woodpeckers as well as many other varietis of feathered beasts living in the area. There is even a land feature named Woodpecker Ridge not far from this site.

Considering how many flickers and woodpeckers we see everytime we go up north, and the fact that our property is located on the side of a gradual descent to the Kettle river bottoms, I chose Woodpecker Hollow as the name for the camp.