Monday, July 28, 2014



John and Dave made three raised garden beds approx. 12’ x 4’ and one bed 16’ x 2’ at the end of May. And Mom bought two self-watering garden boxes and 20 - 5gal. buckets for our camp garden project.







Broccoli and Cucumbers

Made some Broccoli Salad and Cucumber/Onion Salad yesterday from the broccoli and cucumbers from the camp garden, yum!




Saturday, July 26, 2014

Home Grown Salad

Well, I just made our first home grown salad from the bounty of the garden up here at Woodpecker Hollow. It starts with a generous bed of leaf lettuce. Then I sliced up a half of a cucumber from the bushy cucumber plants, and threw on a few flowerets of fresh broccoli. Finally, I traced the plate with a baby carrot that mom pulled up.

Home Grown Salad

Now it’s time to plash on a little Italian vinegar dressing, and enjoy; mmm mmm good.