Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sandstone Quarry

Dad and I took a trip into Sandstone today to get a glimpse of the quarry. It is no longer used as a source for the unique pink sandstone blocks that come from this region mostly because the businesses that owned and operated the quarry folded up long ago. Now it is a very nice picnic park situated at the base of some mild rapids and just up-river from the Hell's Gate section of the Kettle rivere where the Blueberry slide and Dragon's Tooth and other colorfully named water hazards can be found. Here is a brief slideshow of the park.

The creek was full and in some spots overflowing today and the pond on the meadow is very high. Everything is so green and overgrown we have to practically wade through the weeds and ground cover just to get anywhere. We plan to bring up the mower next time and get the grass cut and do some further clearing on the site later this month.

I took some photos down by the water's edge of the Kettle just below our camp using the binocular today, but they don't turn out real well without alot of touch-up work. I caught a great one of Dad doing a little fishing while sitting on a hummock over-looking the river. I also did a "green" shot of the view down-river. This is a touched-up image that highlights the green-ness that we found this trip.