Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring Projects Have Begun

We began our new Spring projects to clear out space for an orchard, expand our main grounds and build a new outhouse. We also have plans for a few other projects including a bridge rebuild and some rustic benches. But first, a little fishing and a little fun! Rob, John and I went down to the river falls to do a little fishing. It was a truly magnificent morning even though the fish were failing to participate. Dave and the ladies stayed up at the camp to look after Marley and do some hold-over school work.

After awhile, we began the outhouse build. It would be a 4ft by 6ft structure to include space for our home-made wooden compost toilet with a shelf overhead and room in front for our portable shower system so clean-up would be so much more comfortable. By the close of the week-end, we had the structure built and the plastic and sheeting on. Finally, we had the roof attached and ready for shingle. We used the old door from the old tower John built as our door and Rob cut out a moon and drilled some stars in the shape of the big dipper to cap it all off.

The birds are back, and boy are the colors amazing! we have some really beautiful red birds and blue birds to compliment our usual woodpeckers, flickers, grosbeaks, chickadees, finches, hummingbirds and the occasional oriole. I can't wait for warmer temps and more wildlife variations.