Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 - New Year - Big Plans

Well, it's late February of 2012 and we finally managed to get up north to check out the cabin and all of the other camp sites our family has up there. It's been a pretty rough winter with most of us coming down with at least once or twice a cold or flu, so it's nice when a 40 degree weekend comes along and neither John nor Marley nor I are sick. So, we headed up north to check things out, take down John's new portable deer stand and let Marley run for awhile.

The days were beautiful, if still a little chilly and the skies were that brilliant cobalt blue you see in early Spring (even though that season is yet upon us). We did a long hike over to our neighbor's property -- who is gracious enough to let us hunt there when he is not up himself -- to take down John's stand and to look for sign of that big buck that both he and Tom saw last year but failed to bag. Since it looks as though that old guy got away again, I am ever hopeful for an early archery shot at him this year!

Marley has well defined her territory and always comes when we call her, so I am feeling very comfortable leaving her off-leash when up at camp now. She still doesn't like it though when we leave her in the cabin, to go into town for supplies or a breakfast. John and I are working on a device to take an aerial photo of our camp using a digital camera and a couple of helium-filled balloons. I'll post the picture once we are successful.

We're trying to lay down all of the work we have ahead of us as we have big plans for the property this year. David has finally proposed to April and they want to get married up at camp, so we need to fix the road, at least do a partial finish of the cabin, put in some sort of a decent power and septic systems, as well as some sort of water casement. So, busy, busy busy!