Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is it Work or Play?

Back in March, we began clearing out debris from areas around the main camp site in preparation for the festivities this coming summer. In the photo below, John and I are clearing out old rotted trees from across the driveway and dragging them over to the fire to burn. It was a lot of hard work for this old man’s body to endure, but you’d never know it by the fun I’m having on this four-wheeler.
In this photo, we chained to a large tree and the four-wheeler stands up on it’s hind legs and bucks with all it’s might as the old tree is coerced out of it’s resting place and dragged to the fiery inferno.

Thoughts from Mom ~

There’s an  old saying that goes, “In the spring a man’s thoughts
turn to love.” Well in the fall, his thoughts turn to hunting!
Here’s a little poem I jotted down one evening as I sat thinking of
our little piece of paradise we call Woodpecker Hollow.
We Are Deer Hunters

Three of us at the family camp
Dressed in green camouflage
Guns and ammo ready
Quietly walk down the trail
Then climb high into the deer stand
I hear not a whisper
Just the sound of my own breath
Warm and moist against my face cover
Suddenly a snort of a passing buck
Rifle raised, resting firmly against my shoulder
Deer in the sight, hammer cocked
Squeeze gently now
Goodnight deer, goodnight

Mom Reese- Vorp
"Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that He will"